Costume Countdown

I love Halloween.

What could be more fun that partying in costume? Fashion meets creativity meets makeup meets references in an incredible way and you really get to see people’s personalities come through! Nothing makes the bar as enjoyable as trying to guess what people are and give props to those that are doing it right.

Nothing sucks more than a store-bought costume, so I’ve got to start thinking about some options now.

Last year I was a day of the dead girl (dia de muertos, sugar skull) and made my boyfriend a Nutella label.


Another night my friends and I were “Bottle Service” – bottles of our favourite liquor.


This year I’m not sure what to do! This weekend is Thanksgiving so I’ll have to tear apart my basement and find something good.

My ideas so far have been based on my plans for the night: a Games Institute event. I’ve been trying to think of video game inspired ideas but so far I haven’t gotten overly excited about anything!

The short list of ‘meh’ ideas:

– Duck Hunt Dog

– Pixel Girl

– Vanellope (from Wreck It Ralph)

None of them have really stuck.


I’m going have to think outside the box to top last year!

Any ideas?

What are you going to be?


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