Hard as Nails

I’m not sure if nail art really counts as part of the wardrobe but they sell polish in clothing stores these days and the trendy ‘accessory’ follows the same principles of personal taste, self-expression, colour and design.


I remember my neighbour’s Klutz book Nail Art (that came complete with the crummiest nail polish ever manufactured) from when I was little. Animals, flags, designs and patterns offered plenty of inspiration, even if our hand-eye coordination wasn’t quite there yet. While the designs never turned out like the pictures, we were inspired and had fun using our nails as tiny canvases.

These days, nail art has been taken to new lengths (literally), shapes and possibilities. Check out this Tumblr page for a small sampling. Rhinestones, crackles, studs, texture, diamonds, and some seriously talented pieces of art have found a home on someone’s hand.

While my tastes have stayed on the more practical side, I’m a fan of having something pretty to look at while I type!

Understand two things:

1. I think it’s needless to pay for a manicure (I’ve never had a pedicure but see more value in some footsie love).

2. I don’t believe in expensive nail polish. Why buy 1 when you could get 3 for the same price? I’ve used OPI – it chips just like (if not worse than) everything else.

Here are some of my favourite nail looks so far:


French manicure is a classic and I’m really lucky since my nails grow fast and strong. Rimmel has a great set with a thin tipped brush for ends and a glossy topcoat.


I’ve never received so many compliments on my nails as I did during the last holiday season. This photo doesn’t do it justice – these suckers were sparkly. It took many coats of Wet & Wild sparkle polish to achieve this look. The good news is that it’s cheap ($2 or so) and lasts for the all the holiday cheer.


Nail stickers are also fun. My mom sticks them in stockings and on top of presents and they’re a fun, easy way to try something new. I loved this cheerful floral for the summer months!


Tonight I decided that instead of reading (which I desperately need to do) I’d experiment. A toothpick was the key tool and although it still didn’t turn out quite like the picture, I’m quite pleased with the results.

I just couldn’t embrace fall colours yet while the weather is above 20 degrees and I still have a hint of a tan!

– What nail trend should I try next? –


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