“Awkward” Mixed Feelings

You know when you hear a song and can’t decide if it’s making your ears bleed


just changed your life and needs to be played on repeat until your ears do, literally, begin to bleed?

I’m having that experience now with San Cisco’s “Awkward”.

They’re so cute! They’re so hip! They’re so short!

Look at that cat eye!

The use of iPeople talk!

What’s not to love?

Oh wait, back to the song.

It’s so pared down yet fresh and its got a bit of a jazzy vibe to it. Plus it’s happy and has a solid beat for walking to campus.

Or is it just awful? Is that synth sound just awful? Is that even a synth?

A few days should help determine if it lands on the iPod or remains a distant part of my web history.

Where do you think it belongs?


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