Recipe Flop: Zucchini, Potato & Onion Tortilla

Last week I got home after my night class and, despite being tired and over-hungry, decided to be ambitious and start a new recipe. From the start, this was a bad call.

I chose the recipe from The Vegetarian Student Cookbook that my best friend was sweet enough to give me when I moved out. Full of gorgeous photos, tasty recipes, and unexpected combinations I couldn’t wait to try my (unskilled) hand at one of the many exciting dinner options at my finger tips. I chose the zucchini, potato and onion tortilla mostly based on the fact that I had all the necessary ingredients.

 Turns out I should have chosen it on a night when I had a bit more patience and all the proper tools!


The recipe is straightforward enough: chop and pre-cook the potatoes (boiled), zucchini and onions (sautéed) before mixing them in with eggs and spices.

2013-09-30_1380579888 2013-09-30_1380579944

The most successful part of the experience was probably the satisfaction of sautéing the onions… Confidence was quickly dashed after that.

2013-09-30_1380579978 2013-09-30_1380580014

After mixing the ingredients (I added pepper, garlic, and paprika to my mix but would add more spice next time) they are positioned in a skillet (which I did not have – a wok made due but is really inconvenient for flipping) and cooked for 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.

2013-09-30_1380580046 2013-09-30_1380580086

When I mixed the ingredients I really started to doubt myself – how gross does it look?!

My timing wasn’t bad but my flipping was horrendous! I followed the ‘alternative’ method of flipping the pan on a plate and then inverting it. Egg ended up everywhere – including on the burner – and I almost had a heart attack thinking I was going to cause a fire!


My second time around went a bit better. I used a small frying pan in a smaller batch and the results were less messy and more aesthetic!

Luckily, the flavour was good despite the messy clean up and nasty first appearance. In the end, although it took longer than anticipated, I enjoyed the ‘tortilla’.

Next time, I think I’ll stick to an omelet!



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