Msed Out: MS MR

Last week my friends and I missed the MS MR (excuse my title, my new friends have got me punning) concert in Toronto.

Either they’re the most efficient band ever to play a live show or I have grossly misremembered my concert-going days.

While I can’t comment on their live performance, I think they’re worth a listen if you haven’t heard their music before – which most people I mentioned the concert to had not.


Originally from New York, the duo consists of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow. Their sound is a little haunting, a little pop, a little jazz. It’s fairly chill music that still has a strong beat, pure vocals and a fresh sound.

I first heard them on my XM radio station of choice, Alt Nation, during the summer commute. “Hurricane” was their latest single and it’s catchy in a hip-pop way (think The Neighbourhood meets Birdy).

“Fantasy” is also great. It features a nice use of vocals in the obvious sense and in a unique way to fill in the beat (in a similar vein as mouth music).

This acapella version of “Ash Tree Lane” is also super sweet:


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