Sauble Spot: Two Chicks Café

There are certain places that just click with you.

You enter the restaurant/pub/coffee shop/location and it just seems to smile back at you in a familiar way.

For me, one of “my” spots is Two Chicks in Sauble Beach.


The little coffee shop, owned by two chicks, boasts a great location on Second Ave., a fantastic sunset view and an awesome mix of arts, culture, fun, and food that is part of what makes Sauble Beach my favourite Ontario beach town.


Healthy food and great coffee make it a pleasure to spend time in (and outside) the small eclectic café. Situated in a converted house, with walls covered in “chick inspired”, playful and socially conscious artwork, there is always something new, interesting and unique to look at while enjoying your morning bagel.


They also provide free WiFi and access to desktops, allowing cottagers a chance to sneak a peak at their neglected email accounts. Plus, each table inside has a board game attached to it, so you can show of your vocabulary with Scrabble or get strategic with checkers while you enjoy your meal.


Outside an eclectic mix of chairs and a rainbow of Muskoka loungers welcome guests to enjoy the breeze, watch the sun set (the expected time of said sunset is conveniently noted in chalk on the sign outside), and catch up with friends.


On Saturday nights throughout the summer they turn the chairs toward the café and have local bands play for a crowd and passersby.


Two Chicks is a great example of how personal touches make a place so much more special and a testament to the connecting power of the arts. Food, music, play, and an appreciation for nature drive the business and keep a steady stream of customers coming through the doors.

Unfortunately, this summer a For Sale sign took up residence near the front sign. Sad as it is to think of it changing, I hope that whoever the new owner(s) end up being, they recognize the importance of culture, care, and community as they take over what is truly a Sauble Beach landmark.



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