On Point: Concert Outfit

Some friends and I got concert tickets for last night.

Unfortunately, we missed the show.

Wine, catching up, and past experience at concerts (they never start on time) led to us arriving around 10 pm (doors were at 8) and by then the show had finished.

The bad news is I won’t have sweet concert pics for next week.

The good news is I got to catch up with my best friends and dress up a bit!

I was having an everything-looks-awful day when packing. I settled on an all-black ensemble, which is always a safe, cool and classic bet.

Especially for a rock show.


I wore some geometric earrings to bring a little life to the plain attire and fuchsia lipstick for a punch of colour.

A structured plum peplum jacket kept me warm on the walk to and from the venue bar and pulled the outfit together while making it look a bit more dressy.


I was also very proud that I somewhat successfully pulled off a french braid headband! Baby steps, but my braiding skills are getting better.

[ A huge skill for curly-haired girls like myself. ]

One of my favourite Chicago purchases also served me well, taking me from city to city in comfort and ease.


The pointed toe makes me feel tall even through I’m relatively shrimpy and the ‘open’ concept and mixed materials add interest to any outfit while still remaining neutral.

The best part is that they’re comfortable (if you’re like me and don’t need a lot of arch support) and were on sale for $16!

  Can’t go wrong.


2 thoughts on “On Point: Concert Outfit

    • MS MR! There was an opening act as well so I was surprised it was so short. But I guess they don’t have 3 or 4 albums to choose from like other bands I’ve seen.

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