You know when you’re not really looking to go hard but you don’t want to fall asleep either? When you want to subtly get amped up without quite reaching your threshold?

Getting ready, studying, writing, eating, walking to class… all activities during which this mood has struck me.

Luckily, I found Bondax.

Probably old news to EDM-heads, Bondax is an electronic music duo from Britain.

Their music is chill and funky while still sounding fresh and modern. It gets me pumped but doesn’t quite have the capacity to deafen me in my ear buds.

My first exposure to their sound was “Gold” – no, literally:

So freaking good.

Also notable, “Giving It All”:

And, mostly for Dee’s beautiful vocals:

*Fights urge to devolve into feminist rant about EDM & male DJs gaining fame while the appealing part of the song is provided by talented-but-unknown female vocalists*


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