Taco Farm: A Warning

This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to head somewhere new for dinner. We decided on a mid-sized, recently opened restaurant in Waterloo, Taco Farm.


I had heard mixed things/nothing about it. A friend from school said he knew someone who got food poisoning there during opening week. “They’ve probably worked out the kinks by now,” he assured me. Another friend jokingly said, “Not crazy about the name.” Can’t say I disagree(d).

Not wanting to judge a book by its cover, we decided to give it a try. At first I was hopeful. It’s nestled off King St. in a great location on Erb St. and the decor is kitschy but cute.

2013-09-17_1379378354 2013-09-17_1379378276

The Spanish/Mexican theme was evident in the decor and menu, and I was hopeful that (unlike so many do-everything, be-everything restaurants) since they had focused on a specific menu item, even with a fusion twist, it would be great. We were seated by the window and given nachos and salsa to start, and three sauces with different heat-factors sat on the table.

 2013-09-17_1379378532 2013-09-17_1379378475

The nachos were alright. They were a bit thick/heavy and the salsa didn’t have much flavour. It all seemed almost fresh. Or maybe I’m being harsh after experiencing the amazing salsa (3 heat-levels available rather than extra additives, and see-the-tomato fresh) and nachos at Fresh Fusion in Markham.

Still, I was hopeful for the main course. When it arrived, I was a bit surprised by the size, but still excited to taste. I ordered the Frijoles and Grilled Cheese & Smoked Mushroom tacos and my boyfriend got 3 Smoked Pork Belly tacos.


The presentation was fun and we were encouraged to squeeze the lime the tacos to “bring out all the flavours.”

Nothing was going to compete with the “Smoky” flavour though. The menu description was taken quite literally, and both of us agreed it seemed as though they had used liquid smoke or some other strange method to achieve this flavour. It was overwhelming to say the least.

The corn and beets also looked appealing – until biting in and realizing they were cold. It made for a strange juxtaposition between different parts of the taco and for an overall “wtf” kind of effect.

My boyfriend didn’t enjoy the rest of the evening so much – perhaps the aforementioned kinks have not been worked out.


While I can’t say I wasn’t warned, I now definitively can tell you: don’t bother with Taco Farm.


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