DIY: Feeling Golden

As excitement about moving into my new place built, I decided I wanted some new, unique accessories to liven the place up and make it feel like home. I wanted to keep things cheap and simple while still achieving a modern aesthetic.

Enter gold spray paint and old, forgotten toys.


I started digging around my basement for furniture and picture frames when I came across bins of Lego, Barbies, Playmobil and figurines. Inspiration struck and I began selecting toys that would look great with a gold finish.

I made my choices with the following criteria in mind:

  • Size: Items had to be a decent size for display. Large enough to make an impact, but small enough to be placed on shelves and tables without taking over.
  • Texture: Flat, smooth surfaces may be easier to spray paint, but the reflective effect when the light hits becomes a lot less impressive. I looked for toys with dimension, ripples and details for added visual interest.
  • Lack of Sentimental Value: A certain little green and pink crab was omitted from the selection because I just couldn’t stand the thought of him being gold!

The steps after selecting the toys are pretty straightforward:

  1. Set up a semi-protective area to minimize the paint mist traveling too far.
  2. Arrange toys so that multiple ones can be sprayed on one side.
  3. Move to dry, while spraying the rest.
  4. Flip to other side and repeat.
  5. Leave to dry overnight, then display however/wherever you wish!

2013-08-12_1376275701 2013-08-12_1376275773 2013-08-12_1376275822 2013-08-12_1376275880 2013-08-12_1376276869

Drying time was minimal (10-15 minutes, max.) so it was a quick and fun project that turned out exactly as I had hoped.

I arranged them in different places around my apartment and I think they add great impact.


They also make me smile! Dinos are the coolest.

Unfortunately the t-rex and awkward lizard-hybrid didn’t make the cut, but the stegasaurus is killing it.



Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by these little bathroom buddies?

[Note: this is a real starfish, not a toy. Great texture!]


The tractor is near the kitchen, reminding me to buy farm fresh whenever possible.


The lion has taken up residence on my vanity table (so vain) adding ferocity, of course.


One of my faves, the lucky elephant, hangs out on my dresser with my jewelry! I think the gold contrasts the silver pieces nicely and adds some interest to otherwise very blue accessories.


[Cynthia Rowley candle, Lawren Harris print]

Now I’m thinking about what else could get a quick, cheap makeover with my trusty spray paint!


4 thoughts on “DIY: Feeling Golden

  1. Do we think alike or what? Before I spray painted my little animals I cut them in half and super glued magnets to them… then spray painted them gold! So cute on the fridge and what’s even more fun is getting to put together heads with different animal bodies! haha

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