Cereal Remixing

“Wheat Chex are kind of the pumpernickel bread of the cereal world” – Paris Gellar, Gilmore Girls

On my all-time favourite show, Gilmore Girls, cereal mixing is a given. No, it’s more like an art form. Endless combinations and a bountiful Yale cafeteria made cereal mixing seem like a fun, tasty and totally natural endeavor.

Still, I never really came around to the idea. Perhaps because I didn’t have 20 different varieties at my disposal and maybe because I still try to keep foods separate on my plate? Regardless, the topic was revisited at my summer job as one of my co-workers swore by the advantages of mixing cereals.

Her approach was to use a healthy, low-sugar cereal as “filler” to a smaller quantity of a delicious, sweeter variety. Thus, creating a bowl with all the flavour but less of the crap.

I’ve recently started to experiment, although in a ‘cheater’ sort of way.


I’ve become obsessed with Kashi’s Go Lean Crunch cereal. I am diehard about cereal being crunchy. To the point where I pour a bowl of milk and then add the cereal, refilling as needed for maximum crunch. I’m not down with soggy cereal, and since it’s named “Crunch” I’m obviously a big fan.

It’s tasty and provides a great backdrop for healthy additives to give your breakfast a boost. I’ve been mixing in Holy Crap “cereal” (term used lightly since it’s mostly seeds and needs to be refrigerated after opening) and goji berries for an equally tasty, but much more satisfying bowl for breakfast.

I’d still like to experiment with a more purely ‘cereal’ mix. I don’t want to get stuck with a box of stale Wheat Chex though…

Are you into mixing cereal? Any tips for a newbie?


2 thoughts on “Cereal Remixing

  1. I’m not a cereal for breakfast person (it just does not keep me full), but I love it as my after-dinner snack. I am a big big fan of GoLean Crunch too, but I love mixing different flavor cheerios! The peanut butter is AMAZING.

  2. Yes! I am a huge cereal-mixer. My go to is All Bran Buds, mixed with Oatmeal Crisp-Almond (perfect crunch)! The Buds are not necessarily delicious but they balance out with the sweeter Oatmeal Crisp! So many possibilities!

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