Maxi Madness

Maxi skirts are perfection.

Easy, breezy, dressy, casual… they’re so diverse, so comfortable, and are the ideal transition piece for summer to autumn.

Today I had a full day of orientation sessions for grad school and turned to the classic black maxi for a comfortable and cool (but warm enough as the mercury starts to drop) alternative to pants. As you may have noticed, I’m big on having my legs covered for public transit or a long time sitting in public. Today was one of those days and the maxi skirt proved to be a good choice.


[ Apologies for the poor picture quality, but I am wiped after a 12 hour day! ]

While the black maxi creates a clean line and is a classic look, I also love mixing it up with more fun prints.


As long as they’re grounded with black (or another neutral) they don’t overwhelm my short stature or seem too dressy.


They’re great for days with in-between weather or uncertain plans since they provide enough warmth, coverage, and ‘dressy factor’ to take you anywhere. Even in Chicago on our first adventure with – you guessed it – a hazy agenda, the maxi skirt took me through rain, a play and to the bar with comfort, class and ease!

I definitely recommend investing!


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