Song of the Summer

There were a lot of hype songs this summer, most of which were played daily during my four months off. As a result, I now have no desire to listen to them.

I probably heard this one daily on my commute but I’m still not sick of it. For that reason, Bastille’s “Pompeii” is my pick for the song of summer 2013.

Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the video, so I apologize if it’s corny & makes you dislike the song.

I just love his British intonation, unique voice, and the random/hilarious inspiration to write a song about Pompeii (for those of you who skipped history class). And, duh, the chanting.


This amazing live version solidifies Bastille as a band to watch. Headed by Dan Smith, there’s some serious talent in this group. Once I have time this week is a write off I’m definitely going to check out more from their album, Bad Blood.

I also heard a sweet EDM remix of it at a restaurant but am having trouble finding a good one. But it’s out there so look into it if you’re into that sort of thing – and feel free to share if you find it!

If you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?


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