Cult Classic: Heathers

I’d been hearing about the satirical black comedy Heathers for years. I finally got around to watching it after seeing it at the library (Blockbuster’s dead but the library isn’t half bad, who knew?) and wasn’t disappointed.


Winona Ryder is surprisingly likeable, unclear if this is in spite of or because of the monocle, and Christian Slater is so weird it’s awesome. There’s plenty of awkward moments and a myriad of quotable lines. Plus, the 80’s fashion is always fun to watch – also scary how much of it is back in style.


“What’s your damage, Heather?”

“7 schools in 7 states and the only thing that’s different is my locker combination.”

“2-page layout with her suicide note in the corner.”

“There’s a school that didn’t self-destruct because society didn’t care, but because it was society. Pretty deep, huh?”


Despite being darkly comedic, it gets across some serious points about how people/youth are so self-centered and how much image plays a role in decision-making.


If you’re not into the subtle details of humor (i.e. Heather2 fixing her hair with the holy water) and prefer to be slapped in the face with comedy, it may not be for you. But if you want a good laugh and feel like taking a time machine back to high school/the 80’s then Heathers is a good watch.


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