Theme Songs that Make Me Wish They Still Made Theme Songs

While I understand the logic (more ads = less screen time = cut anything extra) there are TV show theme songs that make me sad that the future will hold few to none. Yes, I rather get more of the ‘meat’ of my show if my 60 minute viewing has been reduced to 45 minutes of content, but some theme songs really set the tone for a series. Some even became enigmatic.

Here are some of my favourites:

Student Bodies

I don’t even really remember much about this show except that I recognize the guy who’s a newscaster now. But, like most good 90s kids, I can still sing the opening line with perfect intonation. Student BaWwdies.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

They still play this remixed at the club and I still dance and sing along. Says a lot.

The Weekenders


I apologize for my 90s kids roots showing so hard in this list. But seriously, this theme song is unreal and the series is even better. So good that it deserves will get its own post one day. Plus, I haven’t watched this show in 10 years and I’m still living for the weekend. So relatable!



Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Everytime the fuzzy HBO screen comes on I get ready to hear it.



A great song, and they always did a great job editing the montage for the season in perfect time with the music. *clap clap clap* (you know the part I’m talking about)

The OC


This is one of those theme songs that became synonymous with the series. One of the ones you have on your iPod even though there isn’t much more to the song other than what was featured on the show. Very few people hear this song without reliving: “Whoever you want me to be.”


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