Going Vegetarian: Meats I’ll Miss

 I’ve never been big on meat. Sketchy at best, the idea of eating muscle fiber and the texture of meat at all stages of cooking never really appealed to me. Despite eating mostly vegetarian meals for the past year, I’ve still been having chicken and pork on occasion. This September, as I move out of my house and begin my Master’s program, I’ll be fully committing to a veggie diet. I’m excited more than anything, but I won’t lie: there will be a few meat dishes that I will miss!

Chicken Fingers

Crispy, fried, golden breaded little delicious bites. Everybody loves chicken fingers and there is pretty much no other reason for the existence of plum sauce. Fries’ best friend, I can foresee some moments of longing for this dish.

Chicken Wings

These took me a long time to actually eat – HELLO, bones. Plus, being able to count the number of chickens on your plate is a huge turn off. However, Wild Wing’s hot and honey wings made me a believer. Again, crispy and fried with a nice sauce – pretty much the only way to enjoy meat.

 Pulled Pork

This has become a huge food trend in 2013, and while I do NOT support places like Harveys serving it, there’s a little ma & pop joint in Waterloo, Ethel’s, that has been making it right for years – on nachos and tacos – that I’ll miss indulging in.


Enough said.


I’m definitely going to have to get a goodbye meal for a few of my favourites before September 1st.

What meat dishes do/would you miss?

What should I indulge in during my last week as a carnivore?!


One thought on “Going Vegetarian: Meats I’ll Miss

  1. I think you will find becoming a vegetarian a liberating and positive experience! If you are in need of some recipes, I have quite a few on my blog that you might enjoy :)

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