5 Songs You Know With a Twist

It’s always exciting when you find a song you love. It can be even more exciting when that same song is remixed or covered with a different flavour. I was lucky enough to stumble across these covers, and if you haven’t already, they’re worth a listen!

5. Stay Remix – Branchez Bootleg

 I listened to the original followed by this remix on repeat during my finals. Show me something.

4. Say My Name/Cry Me a River – The Neighbourhood

 This one goes out to my 90s kids. Two classics in one.

3. No Diggity Remix – Fare Soldi

 It’s not even different, just faster, but the simple tweak makes it so fresh and awesome.

2. Electric Feel – Katy Perry


Might even prefer it to the original.

1. Super Bass – Drew Tabor

So. Good.


Have a cool remix or cover you’ve been loving?

Leave it in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “5 Songs You Know With a Twist

  1. The remixes/covers you chose are awesome, have you heard Cyril Hahn’s remix of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child?

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