Wardrobe Raider: Emma Watson

Growing up, I really wasn’t a fan of Emma Watson. My friend (check out her blog here) said she didn’t like her because she wanted to play Hermione. The mane and the attitude in the first few movies didn’t help either.

Luckily, I can pinpoint the exact moment when my feelings changed:


Don’t pretend you didn’t tear up in grade 9 when you saw this scene in theatres. HOW COULD YOU, RON?!

Today if you’re not an Emma Watson fan I don’t even want to talk to you. Home girl is straight killing it across the board – no scandals, great career choices, and spot on performances. She was even unexpectedly hilarious in This Is the End. But really, I think I’m most impressed with her fashion sense.

 I present to you my favourite of Emma’s red carpet looks – so far.

I wouldn’t mind raiding her wardrobe.

 Golden Girl


This dress is just so cute and sparkly and she totally pulls off the texture since it’s short and not overwhelming. Tiny girl, fierce monster heels. Plus smoky make up = fashion gold.

Colour Blocking/Power Clashing(ish) Done Right


Watson wore this to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. It’s almost my favourite, and possibly the one I’d most like to own, but is a very close second to the dress below. Risky, bright, youthful…again, she knows how to dress her tiny frame and looks beautiful/hot/sexy while still looking classy.

Perks of Being PERFECTION

"The Perks of Being A Wallflower" Premieres at TIFF

I die. The black textured yoke and blue flowers that contrast the red lip (perfectly matched to her skin tone) … CAN I BE YOU?

 Optical Illusions


Just plain cool. This is her 2013 People’s Choice Awards dress. Start to notice her definite favouritism towards short, structured, graphic dresses. Not mad about it or even close to bored.

 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Demure, classy, but still edgy, fun and cool. Thankfully she is skipping the Disney kid bare-all-look-at-me-I’m-grown-up-or-maybe-just-slutty phase and right to stylish 20-something.

Classy at Cannes


Gorgeous. She looks comfortable, beautiful, and not like she’s trying so hard to be “Emma Watson” the celebrity (take note “Miley” in your Disney kid phase costumes).

 Bling Ring & This is the End Premieres & BRAIDS



Classy, sassy, nothing hanging out. She takes risks but keeps it elegant. Watson’s a fashion dream. I’m also a sucker for braids.

You go Em Wats.


Anddd an extra shot of my favourite just because.

"The Perks of Being A Wallflower" Premieres at TIFF



2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Raider: Emma Watson

    • If you have a link to watch Bling Ring online I’ll be forever greatful! And I agree; she’s not the first actress that comes to mind but she’s consistent in movies and solid dress choices!

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