I started listening to Daughter in the winter of this past year. I got caught in a YouTube wormhole (you know you’ve been there) and stumbled across their music.

Instantly enchanted by lead singer Elena Tonra’s voice, I downloaded a collection of their songs and replayed them all about a million times.


They’re not your typical hype/EDM/rap that seems to occupy most 20-something iPods, but for those who like acoustic, City and Colour-type vibes, Daughter may find a place on your ‘mellow’ playlist.


The British indie band features three members, aforementioned singer and guitarist Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella. You may recognize their songs from various cable dramas, as they’ve been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Skins, Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf.


While “Candles” (you’re too old to be so shy) and “Medicine” are definitely standouts, “Youth” remains my favourite.


(Sorry if you hate lyric videos, but seeing the Vevo ad inevitably play reminded me why I never choose the music video!)


The song sounds insanely pure to me and hits a real nerve with what it’s like t o be young, to be in love, to be hurt… to just be. It’s a little dark and a little haunting, but so so beautiful. It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that a lot of my music features; it’s just talented people playing good, authentic, and emotional music. The honest lyrics also have great symmetry, which as an English student, I’m all about.


 And if you’re still breathing you’re the lucky ones.

‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.

Setting fire to our insides for fun.

Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong.


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