Classic Films I Never Saw

I could probably quote these movies, recognize key scenes or iconography, but I honestly have never watched them. Some I doubt I ever will.

 The Godfather(s)


This one is a bit unacceptable. Especially considering most of my childhood friends are Italian. Violence, romance, family, death, epicness… I should probably see this/these already. The main reasons I haven’t gotten around to it yet is that they’re long and there are three. Or at least I’m assuming a series this famous has long installments. It’s a big time commitment, but I think it needs to happen.


 James Bond


That’s right, none of them. Don’t plan on it. I already know what happens: James Bond will kill non-British-American bad guys and a woman/object will enter the room, in slow-motion, in a bikini. The details are irrelevant. Long live phallic symbolism.


Forrest Gump


This one elicits a lot of gasps. I know, I know, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” This is one of those classics that is on cable fairly regularly, so I’ve seen bits and pieces and even know how it ends. Still, I haven’t watched the whole thing. But Frank Ocean has got me thinking that next time it’s on I should sit through the whole thing.


The Shining


I loved Full Metal Jacket when I had to watch it for a class. Dark, honest and informative, I was absolutely enthralled in Kubrick’s commentary on war. Then I read A Clockwork Orange and watched his interpretation, and began to think the sexism was less of a commentary and more of a mindset. Obviously, I can’t make sweeping claims about his work after seeing only two of his films. I think The Shining will be his chance at redemption for me. I’m just hoping I’ll still be able to take the elevator post-viewing.


Pulp Fiction


I’ve seen the dance scene and recall John Travolta’s ponytail. Most of this knowledge comes from Gilmore Girls (there’s a Tarantino themed party in one episode). Noticing a trend with the hyper violent pseudo-story classics? I feel like I may be too far gone to hop on the Tarantino loving. Come to think of it, I think I’ve only seen Inglourious Basterds, and part of Kill Bill… Didn’t stick. Maybe I should give his ‘ultimate’ film a try before completely dismissing him?


Casa Blanca


I should really get on this for Humphrey’s sake. I actually love old movies, but this was another always-on-TV classic that I caught half of when I was too young to understand or appreciate it. I know the piano player, the epic voiceover monologues… just haven’t stuck around for the whole thing.


Guess I have some screen time ahead of me! Which ones should I watch first? Which ones should I skip?


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