Outfit of the Day: When Plans Change but Your Outfit Can’t

If you didn’t figure it out from Monday’s Post – I spent part of the weekend in the city. I headed downtown in the afternoon with unclear plans, and my outfit had to be able to take me wherever I ended up.

Enter jumpsuit.


I found this black one piece at Urban Outfitters in Chicago. After trying it on and falling in love, I began to question where and when I would wear this. Would I really get enough use out of it to justify the $60 spend? I left the store empty-handed.

20 minutes later the insanely comfortable fabric and flowy, classic design still hadn’t left my mind – so I returned, bit the bullet, and bought it.

No regrets.

Dressy enough to wear for nightlife, but casual enough with sandals to avoid awkward daytime looks, this outfit seemed like the perfect pick for the 23 degree day in the city.


Did I mention it’s made of the softest material ever and feels like you’re wearing pajamas? Also love how it’s cool, breezy, and summery – but my legs aren’t bare on the subway seat!

For makeup, I kept things simple with my usual liquid liner, but amped it up a bit with a cat eye. Bronzer, a little gold eye shadow to highlight the inner eye and brow, and a neutral lip kept things understated. I brought along a fuschia lipstick just in case we ended up somewhere fancy.


To finish the look, I deviated from my usual silver pieces and mixed in the few gold accessories I own. Earrings pictured above, a clean modern ring, some mixed-metal bracelets, and a map-faced watch provided the right amount of dressy-casual sparkle to transition from day to night. This gold nail polish has become a summer favourite with (my very limited, thanks to working full time in an office) a tan.



Jumpsuit – Urban Outfitters, Sandals – DV Dolce Vita, Earrings and Ring – Forever XXI, Watch – Urban Outfitters

What are your favourite fashions for flexible plans?


3 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: When Plans Change but Your Outfit Can’t

  1. What a great “piece!” Indefinite plans are a (sometimes unwelcome) part of everyone’s life, but you just made them seem desirable with your your seemingly effortless, gorgeous, and comfy outfit. Love it!

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