Urban Herbivore

If you’re in Toronto and need some fast food, but don’t feel like eating a day’s worth of fat and grease in one sitting, try Urban Herbivore.

I’ve been to the Eaton Centre location three times now and have not been disappointed! They also have restaurants at Kensington Market and College Street, if the tourist-hub mall isn’t your scene.


I got the Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, which is a very generous size and comes with a side salad for $10.50 (incl. tax). The sandwich features just about every veggie you expected it to and then some. Served on grilled rosemary (or olive if you prefer) focaccia bread, the lemon tahini and miso sunflower spread hold all the deliciousness together and make the sandwich a real treat.


So. Freaking. Good.

Not only is it insanely filling, the sandwich provides a huge energy boost and makes you feel great for making a healthy decision – without suffering through the hunger/unenjoyable bird food that often comes with that choice.


Plus, once you’ve finished your nutritious meal, you can get gluten-free desserts and/or freshly pressed juice! While they aren’t the cheapest muffins and drinks on the market, they’re tasty, fresh and good for you. 

A hearty, healthy, and affordable meal awaits you at Urban Herbivore, so if you’re in the city, go grab a bite!


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