Netflix Find: Save the Date

Everyone (with/without/stealing a subscription) knows about the Netflix struggle.

For Canadians, this struggle is twofold:

1) Canadian Netflix sucks compared to the US.

2) 75% of time on Netflix is spent browsing looking for something worth watching.

Because of this, going on Netflix usually ends in a bad selection or no selection and the end goal to relax and watch a movie is forgotten in frustration.

Last time I was on, in the midst of struggle #2, I lucked out and found a gem.


Save the Date (2012) appears from its cover, title, description, cast and associated Netflix recommendations to be your typical hipster-dramedy-indie-rom-com. And while I was perfectly content with it fitting this mold, the film went above and beyond my expectations and had me glued to my computer screen; crying, laughing and loving every moment.


The cast is familiar, but not in the distracting way when you know where they grocery shop. Lizzy Caplan (Janice Ian), Alison Brie (Community), Martin Starr (the beard in Knocked Up), Geoffrey Arend (familiar, couldn’t place him), and Mark Webber (?) star, and all make an impression in their own right. The acting is so on point and natural, it was easy to forget I was watching a movie, and I actually found myself believing these characters were in love.

The story centers on 20-something Sarah (Caplan) who ends a long-term relationship with Kevin (Arend) only to enter one with Jonathan (Webber). Kevin’s band-mate Andrew (Starr) is engaged to Sarah’s sister, Beth (Brie). Awkwardness and emotional hardship ensue, but both provide plenty of laughs. Granted, the story is very ‘where I’m at right now’ figuring things out after graduating university, so I could easily relate, but what really impressed me was the understated humor, realistic writing, and layered character development.

Also awesome: the hilarious/catchy songs from Kevin & Andrew’s band Wolf Bird. They somehow made the word “babies” into a song that is more likable than Selena Gomez’s entire album.

If anyone can find their song from the closing credits online, I will be forever indebted to you. It’s hilarious/amazing and needs to be on my iPod.

So next time you’re on Netflix end struggle #2 and check out Save the Date!

And if anyone can help me with #1 (IT/IP wizards, I’m looking at you) GET AT ME!


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