If you haven’t heard of HONY by now… WTF have you been doing on Facebook the past three years?

Humans of New York, aka HONY, is on pretty much every social site, so you have no excuse. Photographer Brandon Stanton started taking pictures of – you guessed it – humans in NYC in 2010. The site and its affiliated social profiles (see end of post if you’re too lazy to enter in the search bar) have exploded, with nearly 1,000,000 likes, a published book, DKNY exploit-turned-solidified-awesomeness, and tear-jerking, laugh-inducing, jaw-dropping photographs being posted on the daily – it’s pretty much perfection.

Each beautiful street portrait is accompanied by a snippet from an ‘interview’ with the subject. Schmaltzy enough for those of you still writing inspirational quotes under your selfies, and self-aware enough for the cynical ones like myself, the collection of images strikes a balance between art, social media, accessibility, emotion and humor. Great for people of all ages, relatable and entertaining, HONY is a welcome addition to any subscriber list, Twitter feed or news feed.


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