To Rock or To Return?

I’m not really sure when my Aldo-aversion began. Maybe with a long-forgotten pair of uncomfortable shoes, maybe when my love of ‘underdog’ stores began to grow (and I found out they own Little Burgundy and Call it Spring), or perhaps when they took the studded shoes trend too far. There’s a high possibility it was when I realized they have THREE locations in the Toronto Eaton Centre – yes, THREE in ONE mall. Regardless, since I can remember I’ve had a distaste for the ubiquitous shoe store.
Their shoes are always seasonal – in terms of styling and make. Gaudy design, cheap materials, and a synthetic smell always seem to await me within their whitewashed walls. Not to mention, I’ve seen multiple girls twig (my word for the unexpected ankle-buckling snap everyone who wears heels has experienced) or full out fall in their über-popular suede wedges.


I made an exception for this pair of shoes. In the market for a dainty and feminine heel – in contrast to the chunky, sky-high wedges and heels that currently populate my closet – I thought Aldo may have the answer in this pair of Keola heels.

They cost $90 – although they suckered me in with the $60 price tag on the sparkly beige version of the same style (understandably on sale). The price was a little steep, but after experiencing the pain of cheap heels, I was willing to spend a little extra. When I got to the cash the salesgirl told me I should buy outsole pads because the shoes don’t have a lot of traction. *Pause for laughter.* See above where I mentioned cheap materials – when I buy shoes near the $100 mark, I expect them come with proper soles.

Insoles on occasion – fine. Everyone’s foot/arch is different.

But outsoles? Really? You’re producing multiple pairs of shoes that you know don’t have proper traction?

When I brought them home I instantly began to doubt my purchase. They seem too dressy to wear to work. Despite the lower heel, they’re not nearly as comfortable as my 6-inch heels. Would I really be comfortable dancing in them? The fabric does not inspire confidence in durability. But they’re so CUTE.


So, I turn to you, nonexistent blog readers: to rock them or to return them? That is the question.


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