Arctic Monkeys’ New Release = New Fan

I can’t claim to have listened to Arctic Monkeys’  older music, maybe because of the fuzzy band name or the fact that I constantly mix them up with Arcade Fire (I’m hip – but not that hip); I just never bothered. After their latest single, “Do I Wanna Know?” I may have to  revisit some of their older stuff.

This song caught my ear on XM Radio’s Alt Nation (for my Toronto friends: essentially 102.1 The Edge without Wha’ Happened and commercials). It’s a good chill driving song and sounds better the louder it gets (killer riff) – as a good song should.

It’s got that moody-sexy-cool indie-pop-rock kind of vibe I’ve been feeling the last little while. It evokes a similar feeling as “Sail” did last summer for me, and I love the audible accent.

 I was hooked after:

Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow

and I play it on repeat


Take a listen and instantly feel cooler:

Bonus points: Watching the artist’s actual video (and not the lyric/snapshot video I generally choose to save myself) didn’t make me hate the song!

Any of their older songs you love I should know about? Educate me please!


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